Podcasting: Moving Beyond The Usual Suspects


31 May, 2011 by ehauke

I’m in the very lucky position of having had the opportunity to speak to 128 people at the British Science Association’s Science Communication Conference in London last week. I was part of the team presenting the session titled: ‘Podcasting: Moving Beyond The Usual Suspects’. Joining me on the panel were Martin Austwick of the Answer Me This podcast and also Bright Club, Ben Valsler from the Naked Scientists and Frank Dondelinger from the EuSci Podcast.

We’re very grateful to Steve Cross (Bright Club, UCL) for recording the session and providing us with the audio. We’ve all included the audio in our various podcasts, but in case you weren’t at the conference, and you don’t listen to any of our podcasts, or if you’d just like to re-live the event at your leisure, here are the best bits.

Martin Austwick kicked off the presentations with a brief overview of just what a podcast actually is:

Ben Valsler was next up to the podium to talk about using podcasting to reach a bigger audience:

I followed Ben to talk about creating your own podcast from scratch:

Last up from the panel was Frank Dondelinger, who talked about managing a podcasting team:

We then had a lengthy Q+A session, which in places got a little heated! But here is just one of the questions, which I think gives a useful indication of the range of podcasts possible, in terms of funding.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting: Moving Beyond The Usual Suspects

  1. Chris Hauke says:

    What a refreshing approach to low-to-zero budget podcasting and the spread of science information. Like indie filmmakers you are at the leading edge of creativity, something inconceivable just ten years ago. Thanks!

  2. […] the room you record in does make a difference. As Frank Dondelinger has pointed out, a small reflective room will sound boxy. Not the end of the world, but there are ways to fix it […]

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