Cancer in the Park


21 June, 2011 by ehauke

I’ve been posting a lot recently about how to do things – well time for a bit of ‘money-where-mouth-is’ I think. This is a little something that I put together as an experimental monologue.

I’ve been working with some great people to develop new styles of spoken audio – nothing ground-breaking, just trying to spice up the dreary monologue a bit.

This piece resulted from a challenge to make a short piece of audio, crammed with ‘science’, that would be accessible to any audience and would provide a bit of a spin on a didactic monologue.

I’ve been experimenting with a few engagement activities – more to come later – which have centred around the theme of ‘boobs’. And I like to theme stuff together, so I decided to use this experimental piece to tackle cancer (including breast cancer), and how cancer spreads in the body. To any medics or specialists listening in, I know this is not the whole story – but there were particular time and content constraints on this.

So without further ado – some science, a whopping great metaphor, and a rain-soaked half-hour in the park.

Hope you enjoyed listening.

Recording details:

  • Production – a single-hander – not ideal given the climbing, sliding and general adventurousness involved and hence a couple of less than perfect technical issues
  • Recording –¬†Zoom H1, using onboard microphones only (with wind shield attached)
  • Editing – ProTools
  • Thrill factor – standing on a metal platform on top of a tall hill in a rain and soon-to-be thunder-storm whilst trying to protect equipment, remember what to say and get good audio
As always, comments welcome!

2 thoughts on “Cancer in the Park

  1. Christine Wheeler says:

    Excellent – I now fully undertsand!

  2. I really like this, great use of analogy – really helps to get your head round it!
    Can’t wait to hear more.

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