2 thoughts on “Engagement could live ‘app-ily ever after

  1. Steve McGann says:

    I love this idea about linking tenets of app development to communication values. Very close to my heart! I think that the essential core linking both activities is – of course – the need to focus entirely on the people we’re engaging.There is not a product in the world that can succeed if it doesn’t appeal to others. Business knows this – but many a bold software project has fallen for want of a decent human interface. What’s interesting is that the engagement imperative scales to so many other human activities. Nobody *has* to read a paper, buy an app or listen to a scientist talk about their work. Nor do they have to buy a record, vote for a candidate or cry at a movie. The things that make us connect can be distilled to quite a simple list of universal factors – like you outlined so well. But their very simplicity can prove elusive in a world that is accustomed to using complexity as both demarcation and a comfort blanket. Sometimes the simple stuff is the hardest to get right.

    • ehauke says:

      Thanks. I guess you could really apply the same principles to any kind of product design or business idea, but apps just sprang to mind! I do think that we need to be more aware of the ‘appeal’ and ‘utility’ of our engagement efforts, and sort of package things better. But there are some areas of science that deserve recognition, and are really difficult to force into any kind of mould. I guess these are the areas that require more thought, ingenuity and creativity to communicate.

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