Wind and Mr. Ug (via Inspirational Geek)


13 July, 2011 by ehauke

Check out this great post by Inspirational Geek about the work of Vi Hart. She is a great science communicator, making maths fun and easy to understand. Non-mathematicians out there – I challenge you to watch Vi’s film about Wind and Mr Ug and not make a mobius strip to check out the ending of the story!

Both Brain Pickings and the NY Times were spot on in their evaluations of Vi Hart when they stated she has a rare gift in “making mathematics cool”.  And not just cool in a fleeting ‘of-the-moment way either’, it’s a genuinely clever, engaging and inspiring way. The standout piece of hers that caught my eye was the following video.  Now, seven minutes may seem like a long time to watch, but I can assure you it’s more than worth it. The beautiful … Read More

via Inspirational Geek


4 thoughts on “Wind and Mr. Ug (via Inspirational Geek)

  1. it’s fantastic isn’t it!

  2. it’s fantastic isn’t it! Thanks for the link.

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