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  1. Can ANYONE podcast?

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    2 June, 2011 by ehauke

    Recently I’ve been heard to say that ANYONE can podcast. Well, is this true – or am I just shooting my mouth off? This post takes apart the idea of a podcast, to see whether there are really any barriers preventing anyone from becoming a podcaster.

  2. I’m out on a limb, but happy to be there…


    29 May, 2011 by ehauke

    I’ve always admired people who are able to carve out their own niche within their chosen field. Who have something to offer, that is unique to them – perhaps they even have to forge ahead with their ideals in the face of opposition. Now while I have no desire to work against the establishment, I’ve always lamented my lack of direction and individuality. But a recent public speaking experience has shown me that I do offer a unique view point and that my work does have its own value…