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  1. The Voice of Kenneth Hickman

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    23 February, 2012 by ehauke

    Originally posted on SellaTheChemist's Occasional Blog:
    One has to marvel at the wonder of the internet. A mere 24 hours after my…

  2. Fun Science with Charlie

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    23 November, 2011 by ehauke

    I have just been introduced to the wonder that is Charlie of YouTube fame (thanks to David Robertson). He is …
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  3. Is TV really going to shorten our lives? Really?

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    17 August, 2011 by ehauke

    Unless you’ve been buried in the sand up to your ear lobes at the beach, and there were no sky-writers …
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  4. The BBC Trust Report on Science (via through the looking glass)

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    28 July, 2011 by ehauke

    Check out Alice’s post about the BBC science coverage review carried out by researchers at Imperial College. She gives a …
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  5. Join the conversation


    13 July, 2011 by ehauke

    Image from donaldclarkplanb.blogspot.com I was very interested to read Philosophically Disturbed’s new post on Media140. I’ll soon be leading a …
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  6. Cancer in the Park


    21 June, 2011 by ehauke

    Elizabeth explains the differences between cancer cells and normal cells, and then what happens when cancer cells spread around the body.